Signs of Pests In a New Home

It’s not uncommon to think older homes are more at risk than new homes when discussing pests. That’s not always the case, new homes are at risk too. Some signs of pests in new homes may be easier to spot since you’ll likely have fewer items in the areas where pests can hide. Take note that any Infestations should be taken seriously to protect your investment.

Termites and powderpost borers are a threat to homes old and new.

Destructive pests like termites and powderpost borers aka powderpost beetles, will seek out the opportunity to infest new homes, even as they’re in the process of being built. Some signs of termite activity include seeing discarded wings around window sills and seeing mud tubes that termites build to travel through.

Powderpost borers appear as small, brown insects, usually less than 1/4-inch in length. When they are present the most obvious signs are numerous small holes and a fine, powder-like sawdust left nearby. They prefer unfinished hardwoods. Although typically not as destructive as termites or as well known, they still pose a serious risk to areas they’ve infested.

Carpenter ants are a common nuisance to new home construction sites. New construction sites are the ideal breeding ground for carpenter ants since there are often unsealed openings around pipes and entryways. All cracks and small spaces that are open to the exterior are vulnerable to pest infestations as homes are being built. The destructive carpenter ant will commonly target these locations to nest. Carpenter ants often destroy trees that are overhanging on roofs, making them a high risk to your new investment. They create large colonies and cause irreversible damage to structures they’ve infested.

Some signs of carpenter ants include seeing fine sawdust on floors or on the ground next to walls, or around tiny pin-sized holes. They leave a trail of tunnels running through structural wood in and around areas they’ve nested in.

Unfortunately, some pests that are commonly a risk to new homes are not always easily seen. Fortunately, there are some proven pre-treatments designed to stop pests from entering a new construction home. These preventative treatments work long-term, giving homeowners peace of mind. Preventative treatments will also help to ensure the structure and integrity of your home stays intact and retains its value.

If any signs of pests are noticed, a professional inspection from a pest control company is your best option to identify them and have a treatment plan in place.

Taking preventative steps along with the guidance of a professional pest service will help your new home remain free of infestations. Prevention and early treatment is key when it comes to all pests and pest control.

The proven termite pretreatment we use at Pest Solutions is a Borate Wood Treatment. This differs from traditional methods as it treats the wood instead of poisoning the soil. We also offer a $250,000 damage warranty on termites which sets us apart from many other pest control companies. We are proud to be one of the top-rated local termite control specialists in the area. Contact us today at (804) 406-9606 or visit us online to schedule a free inspection and let us help you protect your new home from pest infestations.