New Construction Termites Protection

Even before framing a home, pests will look for the opportunity to make it their own. Our pre-treatments are designed to stop pests from entering a new construction home for the long term. This will allow homeowners to enjoy their new properties without the threat of invading pests or rodents. It will also ensure the structure and integrity of your home is intact because many invaders, such as termites, carpenter ants, wood decay fungus, powderpost borers and old house borers, will severely damage the property once they enter. If you’re in need of new home pest control, give us a call. We’re the affordable, local experts in new construction preventative measures and will stop critters from building their homes while you build yours.

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Termite Pre-Treatment in New Construction

Pest Solutions, Inc. proudly uses the safest and most effective method of termite pretreatment available to date. This method is a Borate Wood Treatment that differs from the traditional methods by treating the wood instead of poisoning the soil.

Pest Solutions will apply a Borate termiticide, insecticide, and fungicide – a highly effective and long-lasting pesticide used as a primary application against subterranean termite infestation in new construction. The Borate product will be applied to the wood above the foundation wall in a two-foot band on slab type, or crawlspace / basement-built structures. This treatment includes a full one-year termite warranty. After the first year, it is the homeowner’s option to continue the warranty. Then Pest Solutions will install a termite baiting system on the exterior of the structure to actively monitor and bait for the termite colony.

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  • No Odor = No need for crews to leave site
  • No soil contamination = Borates treat the wood not the soil
  • Environmentally safer = No adverse effect on humans or animals
  • Scheduling freedom = Applied any time before insulation and drywall
  • Marker dye = Shows job was properly treated
  • Broader control = Protects against all wood destroying pests
  • Increased home value = Baiting system included
  • Weather delays = Treatment inside, weather not a factor
  • Alternative treatment = Accepted by HUD, 99a form

More information about pre-treatment with Bora-Care.

Bora Care and Termites Prevention - Pest Solutions | Expert Pest Removal & Treatment Services
Download the PDF for more about termite technology and Bora-Care.

Bora Care and Termites Prevention - Pest Solutions | Expert Pest Removal & Treatment Services
Download the PDF for more about termite technology and Bora-Care.

Carpenter Ants Prevention In New Construction

New home construction sites are the ideal breeding ground for carpenter ants. With unsealed openings around utility pipes and wires all over common entry points, the carpenter ant will target these locations to nest. Having a professional pest control company will help you save a lot of time, money, and headaches. Pest control professionals can help to stop the spread of bugs such as carpenter ants, a danger to homes built on wood lots. Carpenter ants can start in trees overhanging roofs, moving towards your construction site to invade. Before you know it, large colonies can roam the property and cause irreversible damage to the structure of the home you’re building.
CARPENTER ANTS tracks - new construction pest prevention - Pest Solutions | Expert Pest Removal & Treatment Services

Wood Decay Fungus In New Construction

Wood decay fungus is one of the biggest destruction culprits of wooden structures in your home site. As temperatures reach 32 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit and nutrients and oxygen become more available, construction sites are the perfect conditions for its growth. Damage can be avoided, prevention is affordable, but a cure can be costly. That’s why the experts at Pest Solution use preventative measures to stop wood decay fungus before it becomes a costly problem. Wood decay fungus destroys the structural integrity of the wood you’re using by working to break down the fibers, slowly reducing its strength and leaving it to rot. Over long periods of time, it can cause sagging in the flooring, weaken the overall home, and leave rotted wood behind. To prevent this, Pest Solutions provides proper encapsulation, sealing the crawl space and moving to control any excessive moisture that may lead to an attack. Call us today to see why we’re the best at preventing wood-decay fungus in your new home.

Powderpost Borer In New Construction

powder pest borers - new construction pest prevention - Pest Solutions | Expert Pest Removal & Treatment Services

Most people are aware of the damage termites can have when they invade a home. But they are not aware of other pests that can cause thousands of dollars in household destruction. The powderpost borer or beetle comes right behind the termite in amounts of damage it can do. With building structures being made from hardwoods, new home construction sites must beware of the predator it’s attracting. Powderpost borers attack hardwoods due to their high starch content and large pore size where they lay their eggs. Once the eggs are laid and hatch, the larvae begin to eat through the wood, creating a tunnel-like pattern and severely weakening the integrity of the structure. Don’t leave an infestation to chance. Contact us today and we’ll tell you about our prevention programs and treatments.

Old House Borer In New Construction

Like powderpost beetles, old house borers or beetles are a threat to the integrity of wood. They too hatch larvae that eat through the structure and can cause serious damage. Known also as the ‘long-horned beetle’, old house borers seek out soft woods to nest in primary during the late summer months. The most common woods old house borers are found in are lumber found in lumberyards, pine, fir, or spruce. Builders may not even realize they have an infestation issue until they discover the exit holes left behind by adult old house borers. Don’t wait to get an infestation. Contact Pest Solutions and we’ll take care of your build’s preventative maintenance, leaving you to create a safer and structurally sound home.

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old house borers - new construction pest prevention - Pest Solutions | Expert Pest Removal & Treatment Services