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If you see a mouse or rat in your Richmond home, you’ll want them out, quickly. Mice can leave a musky smell in your home, gnaw on furniture and electric cables, contaminate food, and leave dropping, spreading bacteria and diseases where ever they go. Mice and rats multiply quickly, so when you see one, there are sure to be more to follow. The Richmond area has the perfect winter cold to make mice want to make your home theirs. That’s why our mice and rat removal services fix the problem at the source, getting rid of these rodents from your home. We’ll keep them out. Our rodent removal services are safe and effective. We have happy customers from Stafford, Fredericksburg, and Spotsy all the way down to Midlothian, Henrico, and Richmond. So don’t risk your loved ones and pets when mice or rats invade your home. Keep rodents gone with Pest Solutions!

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Mice & Rat Exterminators

  • Two interior and exterior treatments within 30 days.
  • Exterior applications target pest activity and include treatments around windows, doors, overhangs and under siding, as well as sealing ground level pest entry points.
  • Followed by exterior treatment every other month; includes rodent protection, interior treatment and IPM inspection report in the winter months.
  • Inside service available upon request at no additional charge.
Treating For Rodents Inside And Outside Of Your Home


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