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Plain and simple, roaches are disgusting. They can carry a wide variety of diseases, that can cause allergic reactions in people and pets. They are also one of the most difficult bugs to eliminate. None one wants to deal with or see roaches in their beautiful Richmond home, especially if you’re expecting guests or having children present. That’s where we come in. Our roach removal experts know exactly where to target the source of roaches. Cockroaches are a nuisance, don’t let them be. Partner with Pest Solution, and gain access to local, affordable cockroach removal services. With over 50 years of experience, our roach extermination detection and removal process will get you and your family feeling comfortable in your roach-free home. Ready to take back your home from roaches?

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Roach Control Specialist

  • Treatment for miscellaneous roaches.
  • Two interior and exterior treatments within 30 days.
  • Exterior applications target pest activity and include treatments around windows, doors, overhangs and under siding, as well as sealing ground level pest entry points.
  • Followed by exterior treatment every other month; includes rodent protection, interior treatment and IPM inspection report in the winter months.
  • Inside service available upon request at no additional charge.
Treating For Roaches In & Outside Of Your House

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Don’t Be Left In The Dark With Roaches

Smokey Brown Roach

Color Dark brown; shiny Shape Oval Antennae Yes Region Southern U.S. and the World Legs Six Size 1" long Flying.
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Oriental Roach

Color Dark brown or black; glossy Shape Oval Antennae Yes Region Northwest, Midwest, and Southern U.S. Legs Six Size 1".
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German Roach

Color Light brown to tan, with two dark almost parallel stripes located on the back of their heads Shape Oval.
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Brownbanded Roach

Color Brown, with pronounced banding across wings Shape Oval Antennae Yes Region Found throughout the U.S. Legs Six Size 1/2".
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American Roach

Color Reddish brown, yellowish figure 8 pattern on back of head Shape Oval Antennae Yes Region Found throughout the U.S.
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