Industries Most in Need of Commercial Pest Control

Industries Most in Need of Commercial Pest Control

While it’s true that pests can show up pretty much anywhere and become a real nuisance, there are certain industries more at risk of an infestation and in need of professional services, it’s also true that some establishments may feel more of an urgency to tackle a pest problem. For instance, if you own a clothing shop, you’re probably not as concerned about pest control as a restaurant owner. You can still get the same pests, yet the obvious factors such as how much it can hurt your business if pests are seen is definitely a concern for business owners, and pests are certainly more likely to infest businesses that provide the food they seek.


Places where food is prepared and eaten is a goldmine for pests. Food industries must be extra vigilant about pest control for the safety of their customers and to protect the restaurant’s reputation. Practicing good hygiene and thorough cleaning of areas is not enough; no matter how tidy kitchen staff is, just having that much food stored, cooked and then served to patrons will attract an array of pests, and all it takes is for one customer to see a rodent or cockroach and the consequences could be very negative for a restaurant.


Even though food isn’t prepared in warehouses, they can still become problem areas. Food that is boxed and packaged is vulnerable to pest invasions. Rodents have sharp teeth and can fit their bodies into very narrow spaces. Roaches and other insects that feed and nest in food items can even hunker down and travel into unsuspecting restaurants and grocery stores in the food containers during shipment. This can result in costly losses of products.

Schools and Daycares 

Places where children spend long hours such as schools and childcare establishments can face major infestations of pests. As any parent knows,  especially those with younger children, wherever they eat there’s bound to be crumbs and messes left from spilled food. Since pests such as roaches and rodents can spread disease, it’s extremely important to prevent them from infesting dwellings where children spend a lot of time. Educational centers are responsible for providing a safe, clean environment for children and having a pest control plan in place will go a long way to ensure a healthy environment. 

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are highly susceptible to pest infestations. There is so much food being moved around and shipments coming in almost daily, so there’s going to be some pests that find their way in. Did you know that a variety of pests can travel into stores by way of the food items coming in? Even items securely packaged could be harboring pests as they are shipped in from across the country. Combatting the pests before they ruin food supplies and before they multiply is key. 

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