When Should Termite Inspections Be Done

It’s important to know how much damage termite infestations cause each year to homes. Termites themselves aren’t harmful to humans. However, the damage that they can do to a home is immense. Inspections and knowing what signs to look for when possible infestations are suspected can help catch problems early.

Many homebuyers wonder — is a termite inspection required for a home purchase?

While there are no mandated requirements for an inspection before purchasing a home many lenders require one to protect themselves. If termite activity is found during an inspection it’s not necessarily a deal breaker, so it’s a good idea to get one even if your lender doesn’t order one.

Other reasons to get a termite inspection include:

Noticing termite activity. Termites damage an estimated 600,000 homes a year in the United States. They can cause significant damage over time if they go unnoticed and spotting termites can be difficult but there are some signs:

  • Swarmers are termites that leave their colony and discard their wings when they seek a spot to make a new colony. The first signs are often discarded wings in noticeable piles around the exterior of windows and door openings.
  • Damaged wood or drywall or a hollowness are other signs of possible infestations, Termites eat the material in buildings from the inside out, which is why they can be difficult to spot. As they continue to eat wood and other materials they will hollow out structures like wood studs within walls, and these walls will sound hollow when you tap on them.

Routine inspections. The best way to be proactive against termite damage is to catch an infestation early. It’s worth the annual investment to have the peace of mind that your home is free from termites. An annual inspection is recommended in termite-heavy, high-risk areas (like warm or humid locales), and every other year in low-risk areas. The benefits of a routine inspection include:

  • Protect your investment and save money and time. While it is true that termites take time to destroy structures within buildings and homes, the damage termites can do over the years is catastrophic. Termite damage can even result in floor joists collapsing or entire homes crumbling.
  • The safety and security of occupants are at risk if severe infestations are not treated. When damage is severe enough a home can become uninhabitable forcing residents to relocate. The inconvenience and expense of having to unexpectedly move can be devastating. Keeping your family safe and having the security of a sturdy home is not something to take chances with.

Scheduling a termite inspection by a licensed termite inspector is easy with Pest Solutions. Our professional technicians know what to look for in order to spot the early signs of termite activity, and they are equipped with specialized tools to find any infestation. If a termite infestation is found, we can recommend an appropriate treatment plan. Call us today at (804) 406-9606.