Stinkbug Prevention Services

When you get stinkbugs in your home or office, you’ll notice. Most common in late summer into early fall, stinkbugs take over the areas they inhabit and enter structures. While not harmful, they are a nuisance and release a pungent odor. Stinkbugs are equipped with chemical glands in their abdomen that produces an unpleasant scent when threatened or smashed, this is to help protect against predators. While the smell is harmless, it can become overwhelming in your home.

Stinkbugs also can trigger allergic relations, graze on fruits and vegetables in your garden, and get stuck in light fixtures, inside walls, attics, and crawlspaces. This leaves your house with the repulsive scent stinkbugs are known for and named after.

Pest Solutions provides stinkbug prevention service, which includes an inspection, treatment applications, sealing common entry points, and preventative measures you can take to keep stinkbugs out of your home.

Stinkbugs are notoriously difficult to control once they invade your space, so contacting a professional is the best choice for prevention and control. Call Pest Solutions today at (804) 406-9606!

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Stinkbug Prevention Services

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Ladybug Prevention Services

Ladybugs, sometimes referred to as lady beetles, are overall beneficial insects because they eat aphids and other small insects that damage crops. However, some ladybugs are destructive and feed on plants themselves, and can aggravate asthma or cause allergic relations. Much like stinkbugs, ladybugs also emit a foul-smelling yellow fluid when they feel threatened.

In the winter months, ladybugs seek refuge in secluded areas of your home or business, like attics and crawlspaces. While they are not active in the winter, you will see an increase from late summer into early fall. You’ll notice when they wake up from hibernation, which is why it’s so important to get preventative treatments in the fall months.

We treat common pest-friendly areas so your home or business is not at risk of ladybug infestations. Once ladybugs have entered your home or building, they are hard to get rid of.

Though they are not necessarily harmful to humans, their annoyance comes from their numbers. When ladybugs invade, they come in masses. Avoid ladybugs in your space, and get reliable, effective ladybug prevention services today by contacting us online or giving our office a call at (804) 406-9606.

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