Ants - Midlothian

The very name can send chills up your spine because ants are those pests that can find their way in anywhere, anytime, and you find out the hard way. They live in every country in the world except Antarctica. They’re hungry, and because they have a lot of mouths to feed, they’re interested in setting up camp on your property for a bite.

Once they’ve established a colony, they’re looking for food and will find a way into your house to get to it. Most people think of “sugar ants” getting into a sugar bowl, but ants will look for just about anything available, including pet food. So be sure to keep all food sealed up and unavailable. Make sure the trash is inaccessible as well or you could open up a box of bag of food and discover that they’ve taken over, and feeding their fellow residents bit by bit.

One type of ant that Midlothian residents are seeing in recent years is the Red Imported Fire Ant (RIFA), commonly called “fire ants”. Disturbing their mound or crossing their path invites a painful sting that can also lead to infections. Large mounds usually indicate ants, and you may have fire ants already on your property or even in your home. If you’ve discovered any ants, especially fire ants, on your property, call Pest Solutions for help.