How to Prevent a Mouse Infestation

While it’s true that mice tend to remain hidden and come out during the night to scour for food, they do leave some telltale signs. One of the most obvious signs will be a trail of their droppings wherever they frequent. If there is rodent activity you might also notice chewed-up or shredded items such as paper or cardboard. Often, small nests filled with these materials can be found where mice are active. Fortunately, there are some effective methods of prevention.

1) Keep stored items off of the floor. Mice are surprisingly good climbers but they do tend to prefer nesting and feeding at ground level. To prevent easy access to food and nesting materials that attract mice, consider using shelving, and plastic storage totes with lids. Household items like books and important papers, are vulnerable to damage from mouse infestations.

2) Clean often, especially in food preparation areas. One of the most important steps in pest prevention is keeping food prep areas clean. Mice and other household pests are always seeking out a meal. The kitchen, pantry, and dining areas are especially vulnerable to infestations. After cooking, a thorough clean-up of the area will help prevent unwanted visitors. Take trash and recycle items out to covered receptacles daily.

3) Store food properly. Common food items such as sugar, rice, and baking mixes can be stored in cabinets and the pantry, but this leaves them vulnerable to pest infestations. If you have items you store in these spaces, consider using glass jars with tight-fitting lids or plastic containers with sealed tops to deter mice. Any sign of chewed plastic or food boxes with holes can mean there is an active mouse infestation and the food should be discarded immediately.

4) Stay vigilant and check often for rodent activity. Pest problems can get out of control quickly, especially when it comes to mice. They reproduce fast and do more damage when there are more of them. The sooner they are spotted and dealt with the better. Some areas to check out routinely include garages, basements, and any space that offers dark hiding spots. Mice are not that particular and will nest just about anywhere that provides a discreet space.

5) Contact a professional pest control company. Mouse infestations can be tricky to effectively eliminate on your own since they nest and hide in areas that are hard to check. Taking swift action is key but it is recommended to let a professional pest control company tackle an existing or suspected mouse infestation. The trained technicians will know what to look for and what the best methods are to safely, effectively control pests.

At Pest Solutions, we have over 20 years of experience and providing effective, trusted pest control to our local communities is our top priority. Our trained technicians are equipped with a proven plan to handle mouse infestations and we are your best preventative measure. Call for a free inspection at (804) 406-9606.