How Can I Protect Myself from Mosquitoes?

How Can I Protect Myself from Mosquitoes

When the seasons change from winter to spring it doesn’t take long for mosquitoes to make their way onto the scene. Some species lie dormant starting in late fall, or early winter, depending on your geographical location. Some other species of mosquitoes hibernate as embryos in eggs laid by the previous swarm. No matter what species you encounter they emerge hungry and pesky once the warm months begin. 

Here’s some steps to take to prevent mosquito infestations and protect yourself. 

Keep up with yard work

Mosquitoes love to hide in long grass and overgrown brush, in fact they seek out these areas to shelter from the hot summer sun. They will hunker down until the evening hours when they emerge to feed. This is why you typically see more mosquito activity in the evening. Any yard work that you may have put off will surely result in increased bug activity. After it has rained it’s not uncommon to see more swarming mosquitoes. The female mosquitoes, which are the ones that bite, love the moisture and humidity after a good rain. They need the water to lay their eggs and they only require the tiniest amount of standing water. It’s always a good idea to dump any buckets or pots that standing rain water has accumulated in after a rainfall. Don’t give these pests more opportunities to multiply. 

Wear proper clothing and use bug spray

You might think it doesn’t matter what clothing you wear and that mosquitoes will bite you no matter what. Proper clothing actually does make a difference. These pests are attracted to heat and dark colors trap more heat. Light-colored clothing tends to reflect heat. So if you’re wearing a pale yellow or white shirt they’re less likely to be attracted to you than if you’re wearing a dark brown or black shirt. Loose fitting clothes are also a good idea as mosquitoes can’t bite through to your skin as easily in a flowy shirt compared to a tight fitting tank top. Material matters too. Thin pants like yoga pants leave you more vulnerable than denim, since denim is thicker. Keep in mind that any exposed areas are vulnerable to bites, and loose fitting pants around the ankles can give the mosquito a chance to fly in. Consider using bug repellents on your clothing and skin. You can even purchase clothing that’s been treated with permethrin. This can be a wise investment if you frequently are outdoors during the mosquito season. 

Consider professional pest control

Mosquitoes cover a wide area and you might be able to take some preventative actions to keep them at bay in your yard but you’ll also be at the mercy of neighboring mosquito populations, no matter how tidy you keep your yard. Overgrown grass and standing water next door can result in an increase of mosquitoes in your environment. Professional pest control can help. A routine, scheduled treatment of your exterior space will limit the mosquito activity greatly. The professional applicators and knowledge of where and when to spray will make a huge difference when battling mosquitoes. 

If you’re encountering mosquitoes in your yard and are in need of professional pest control, contact Pest Solutions at 877-323-2601. Our mosquito control experts will get the job done so you can get back to enjoying the outdoors.