Expert Tips to Prevent Ant Infestations in Your Kitchen this Summer

Expert Tips to Prevent Ant Infestations in Your Kitchen this Summer

One important thing to understand about ants is that they are dependent upon their colony to survive, and they are extremely social insects. In addition, ants also require a steady food source to survive, making kitchens especially vulnerable to infestations. The good news is that there are some steps you can take to help prevent and control ants.

Step 1. Keep food stored properly

Preventing ants from finding a source of food will go a long way toward prevention. Ants can surprisingly find their way into food items that are sealed up. If you’ve ever looked at a close-up image of an ant’s mouth you’ll see how. Don’t let their small size fool you! Ants have been known to chew through plastic bread bags and other soft plastic food baggies. If you’ve seen ants in your kitchen it’s advisable to use airtight storage containers to prevent food loss. 

Step 2. Wipe down countertops regularly

Have you ever noticed a trail of ants in a line seemingly marching on an important mission? Ants leave behind a scent trail of pheromones that others find and follow. If you are noticing ant activity, that means there are many more nesting nearby. These pheromone trails can even lead ants to “satellite” colonies extending far beyond your home. While this may sound unnerving, just a simple routine cleaning in the kitchen and food prep areas will help.

Step 3. Be aware of exterior areas

Ants typically find their way in through exterior areas such as windows or doors that aren’t weather-sealed, but they can find their way through even the most well sealed spaces. Once they find their way in they tend to head straight toward food sources. Be on the lookout and if you see ants wandering through or near doorways or windows consider securing any gaps with a weather seal or caulk. Replace any window screens that are not in good condition. Most importantly keep trash cans and any bird feeders which may attract pests, a good distance from your home. 

Step 4. Professional pest control

Although there are plenty of DIY pest control options, they often become frustrating and time-consuming. Ants are resilient and have large colonies that are difficult to find. To truly solve a pest problem, professional pest control is the best choice. Technicians will know where to treat to kill not only the ants you’re seeing but also the colony where the queen is located. Having a treatment plan with a professional pest control company will be a wise decision in preventing ants and targeting an active infestation.

To sum it up, if even just a few ants are spotted crawling across the kitchen countertop, it should be taken seriously as it’s likely an infestation and they’re nesting nearby. So what should you do? Call Pest Solutions at (877) 323-2594. We understand the importance of safe and effective pest service. We proudly offer Eco-friendly pest control, guaranteeing results without the use of indoor pesticides.