Common Signs of Pests in Walls

Pests are crafty and can easily find hidden entry points to sneak into the walls of structures. Small cracks in the foundation, gaps around doors and windows, and poorly sealed vents are common ways pests can get in. Rodents, for example, possess a remarkable ability to squeeze through tiny openings and exploit even the slightest vulnerabilities in a home’s exterior. Destructive insects seeking spaces to nest or food often navigate their way through gaps in siding or deteriorating wood. Other insects, including bees, may find their way in through attics or wall voids.

These often unseen pests we will discuss here can go unnoticed until there is an infestation. Read on as we explore the types of pests that can live within your walls and common signs to help you detect their presence early on. Knowing the signs to look out for and how to prevent infestations is key.

Rodents leave telltale signs

Rodents, such as mice and rats, are notorious wall-dwellers. Their ability to rapidly reproduce and squeeze through small openings makes them a challenge for DIY pest control. When rodents are present you may hear scratching sounds, spot droppings, or see evidence of chewed wires which may lead to electrical issues. If any signs of rodent activity are present, a professional pest inspection is advisable.

Insects such as termites can cause structural damage

Termites are one of the pests that can live unseen within walls and can cause extensive structural damage. One of the key signs of a termite infestation in walls is the presence of mud tubes, and pencil-sized structures, along the foundation or walls. These tubes serve as their highways, connecting their subterranean nests to their feeding sites. Hollow-sounding or damaged wood, resembling water damage, is another indicator of termite activity. Discarded wings near windowsills or light fixtures may suggest a swarm, often a precursor to a new colony.

As termites work silently, homeowners must remain vigilant for these signs and seek professional pest control assistance promptly to mitigate the potential structural damage caused by these destructive insects. Regular inspections and a swift treatment plan are vital.

Bees and wasps

Wall voids provide the ideal space for bees and some wasp species to live and thrive as they build colonies, hives, or nests. There are some telltale signs of bees or wasps taking up residence within the walls of a home. A noticeable increase in bee or wasp activity around the exterior of your house, particularly near openings like vents or cracks, could indicate a nesting site within the walls. Listen for a subtle humming or buzzing sound emanating from the walls, signaling the presence of a hive.

If you spot an increase in these insects entering and exiting a specific area, it is potentially a sign of a colony hidden within the walls, and contacting a professional pest company to handle removal is advised.

Professional Pest Control in Richmond Virginia

Regular inspections and awareness of the above signs can help you identify and address wall-dwelling pests before they escalate into major problems. If you suspect an infestation, a professional pest control service is your best option. We offer our expertise and effective treatment options to handle all your pest concerns.

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