5 Signs of Pests in Your Yard

Depending on the type of pest, the warning signs of an infestation vary. Some pests will leave more obvious evidence while others leave subtle signs. Outdoor pest problems can be a real annoyance and can even cause major destruction. Pests can range in size from ants and termites to larger pests such as moles, groundhogs, and everything in between. There are some common telltale signs that pests have infested your yard.

1 ) Ground disturbance

Observing changes in the ground and especially near the top layers of dirt can help you to identify a pest problem before it gets out of hand. Moles, groundhogs, squirrels and other pests such as ants and termites, often dig holes to nest, hide, or just look for and bury food. If you’re noticing the dirt is disturbed in areas where it wasn’t before, or there are unexplained holes in the yard that suddenly appear, it can be the result of any number of these critters.

2) Gardens and foliage destroyed

Pretty much any insect, as well as a variety of other wildlife, wants to nibble on fresh green grass and foliage. They will leave obvious signs that they’ve been enjoying your favorite plants and garden veggies. Vegetable seedlings are particularly vulnerable and will often be eaten at the base right below the first set of leaves. Ants, beetles, aphids, and some destructive caterpillars are usually amongst the culprits. Some of these pests will also eat fruits and vegetables off your garden plants, eventually destroying your harvest.

3) Unusual sounds and odors in your yard

Some pests and flying insects will make their presence known with sounds. The persistent buzz of bees, flies, and mosquitoes is something we all are familiar with. Although it’s good to let the pollinators such as honey bees be, oftentimes their nests are in an area that is also used by children and pets forcing you to consider removal. Bee removal by a pest control company is the safest route. Bugs and rodents also sometimes leave smells behind. If your nose is particularly sensitive, you’ll likely smell certain pests. Lady beetles (not ladybugs) and stink bugs leave an odor where there are nests or high numbers of these pests congregating. They even secrete pheromones to attract other insects of their species to breed.

4) Mounds of dirt

Many insects, like ants, and termites will build their homes underground. As they create colonies down beneath the surface, they gradually move the dirt that’s in their way to the top resulting in small (or sometimes even large) mounds. Termites often leave evidence of mud tubes where they’ve infested. If you have a major infestation, you likely will need to hire a professional for ant control or termite extermination

5) Excessive activity

It’s not unusual to see insects and other pests passing through your property, especially during prime weather, which for them is early spring to late fall. It’s time to get concerned when you’re seeing high levels of pest activity. If you’re being chased indoors by swarming insects or your trash bins are being knocked over by a small hungry critter scouring for food, it’s definitely worth hiring a professional to inspect the problem areas. Pests that live outdoors will often make their presence known.

Obviously an infestation of any pest is a concern, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. It’s wise to stay vigilant and look out for any of these signs. If you notice there’s unusual pest activity, call a professional pest control company to address it. Time is of the essence as many pests multiply quickly and a small area of concern can soon become a large infestation. Pest Solutions has the experience you’ll want on your side to effectively and safely conquer any indoor or outdoor pests. Contact us today at (804) 406-9606.