5 Signs of Pests In a Basement

When pests enter your home they can inhabit interior spaces without being noticed. This is especially true in basements where it tends to be dark with less household activity as compared to other areas in homes. These factors are inviting for many pests as they venture indoors.

Pests typically leave telltale signs that they are present, although by the time they’re noticed there could already be an infestation requiring professional treatment. Prevention, knowing what to look out for, and quick action is vital.

1) Pest Droppings and Debris

Feces left behind by pests are one of the most obvious signs they’ve taken up residence inside your home since they leave droppings wherever they go. The mess they leave behind will be in the areas they most frequently inhabit, although it may be evident in any area. If you see what appears to be pieces of dirt that are dark, cylindrical-shaped, it’s possibly the first sign of an infestation.

Pests can also leave debris in the spaces they have infested. Some common items include chewed food packaging, shredded paper, and other miscellaneous materials.

2) Unexplained Odors

An unpleasant or odd smell that can’t be attributed to anything else could be another sign of pest problems. The odors vary depending on the specific type of pests that you’re dealing with.

When rodents are around, a musty smell, similar to ammonia, is often noticed. That odor is due to their urine and droppings, which produce an ammonia-like scent. Rodents aren’t the only pests that produce a scent. The scent associated with roaches is noticeable as well. This can appear as a musty odor; however, it can also smell like a mixture of trash and grease.

3) Damaged Wood and Other Building Materials

Pests can wreak havoc once they find their way indoors. They will search for a food source and a hiding spot. Oftentimes when food is not available they will gnaw on wood and other materials such as drywall, and plastic.

There are some differences to look for if you notice damaged wood. Termites for instance will leave evidence that appears as holes and sawdust as they chew through wood. Rodents on the other hand typically leave signs of wood and other material that appears to be gnawed on.

4) Scurrying or Scratching Sounds in Walls

As pests take up residence in homes, you will sometimes hear them in the walls. Walls in basements provide dark and quiet dwellings as they nest and travel about, seeking out a food source.

It’s not unusual to hear them rustling and scratching around in walls, especially in the evening. Larger pests like rats and squirrels tend to be noisier than smaller pests, such as mice. Bees and wasps can also infest the hollow cavities in walls. If you notice a buzzing sound in your wall it could be a colony of bees or wasp nest. If you hear unusual activity, a professional pest control technician will know what to look for during an inspection.

5) Signs of Nesting

A variety of pests including mice and rats commonly make nests out of any available material. Rodents aren’t choosy and will gather string, paper, food wrappers, and even insulation to construct their tiny nests. If you look around your basement, you may be able to find evidence of these nests. They like to remain in hidden nooks and crannies, so be prepared with a flashlight.

Peek in stored boxes and clothing or shoes for any shredded materials, such as paper or pieces of fabric. Rodents in particular will seek out spaces that are dark and well-hidden to build their nests.

Professional Pest Control is Your Best Defense

Pests have a way of being discreet and often remain unnoticed until there’s a major infestation. At the first sign of pests, whether it is a distinct odor or visual evidence, a professional pest service will be your best ally to remedy the problem. Contact Pest Solutions at (804) 406-9606 or visit us online to schedule a free inspection and discuss a treatment plan. We focus on effective eco-friendly pest control, and pest management without the use of indoor pesticides.