5 Common Pests That Can Be Harmful

When pests become numerous and negatively affect the health and well-being of you and your household it is understandably concerning. The ability pests have to rapidly multiply and often remain hidden can result in an infestation. DIY methods are frustrating and time-consuming for homeowners who are battling pests, therefore infestations are best handled by professional pest services.

Some household pests that infest homes are more harmful than others, although all of them can become problematic. The harmful pests we will discuss here can cause issues such as respiratory problems, extensive damage to homes, and spread bacteria throughout your living space.

1) Rats and mice

Rats and mice are notorious for causing damage and spreading germs throughout homes. These rodents can find their way indoors through even the smallest cracks. Common entry points include small spaces under doorways and windows where weather stripping is worn. Once they’re indoors, they will seek out a hiding space and a food source and will multiply quickly.

Rodents are known to chew through wires and insulation and can contaminate food supplies. If you see one, you likely have more in your home. Often the first signs will be evidence of droppings and shredded paper. Rodent control such as a professional pest treatment plan is essential to mitigate these risks.

2) Cockroaches

Cockroaches cause alarm when spotted indoors and for good reason. They can trigger allergies and asthma attacks as they carry bacteria throughout their infestation areas. Additionally, they carry pathogens that can contaminate food surfaces, posing a threat to human health. They can remain hidden as they scurry under appliances and in dark discreet nooks in your home. It’s possible to see some signs of an infestation including droppings and parts of their bodies such as legs or wings.

Preventative actions including cleaning up all food and cooking areas daily, and a professional pest control plan are crucial to treat and prevent cockroach infestations. Pest control technicians know where to look and what signs to look for during an inspection. If an infestation is found, professional intervention is your best defense.

3) Bed bugs

Bed bugs have made a resurgence in recent years, infesting homes, hotels, and even public transportation. Their bites can cause itching and allergic reactions, and their elusive nature makes them challenging to tackle on your own. They leave some signs where they’ve infested such as orange or dark colored smeared spots on nearby walls around beds and small dark droppings appearing as specks.

Bed bugs can come into homes through a variety of avenues including bedding and clothing from other people. They can also travel back home with you when you’ve recently stayed in places away from home. When traveling, follow these bed bug prevention tips and if you suspect bed bugs have infested any area of your home get a professional inspection.

4) Termites

Termites are extremely concerning to homeowners since they can cause extensive damage to homes without being noticed. These pests are known to cause billions of dollars in damage annually to homes and businesses in the United States. They chew and destroy wood flooring, framing, and virtually any support structure in homes. There are some signs of termite activity including discarded wings around window sills and the mud tunnels they will build from the ground alongside foundations.

Often by the time an infestation is noticed some damage has already been done. You can prevent further damage if a treatment plan is put into action. Termite inspections and professional intervention are your best defense against extensive termite damage.

5) Wasps and bees

It’s not unusual for these insects to create issues for homeowners, even indoors. Wasps and bees are more prevalent outdoors, especially in warmer months but get into homes and can build large nests in walls. Once they begin nesting indoors they quickly increase their numbers.

Exterior areas that aren’t completely sealed such as dryer vents, attic vents and any tiny opening that leads into wall spaces are vulnerable. Some signs noticed by homeowners include hearing a dull but steady buzzing sound in a wall and you may see exit and entry activity outdoors near the area of concern. Bees and wasps will typically travel through the entry points during the day as they seek food outdoors to take back to their growing nest. They can be difficult and risky to remove without professional services and the proper equipment.

Trusted professional pest control experts

The best course of action if you suspect an infestation is to bring in the professionals. Our experienced, trained pest control technicians will know what to look for and how to effectively treat the pest problem.

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