5 Common House Bugs

Any pest, whether inside or outside, can be frustrating to deal with. When you’re experiencing a bug problem in your house it is especially important to know what steps to take to prevent them and what to do if you are experiencing an infestation.

Here are the top 5 pests to look out for:

1) Termites

These destructive pests can find their way into homes through wooden structures they access from outdoors. Termites can wreak major havoc in a short amount of time. They can destroy the posts, beams, and floor joists that support your home. Termites can go unnoticed, unlike some other bugs on this list, since they often remain contained within the inner parts of your home. There are some signs that they are around including bubbling paint, mud tubes, and discarded wings around window sills.

If you suspect or know there are termites in your home, call a pest control expert as soon as possible for an inspection and they will discuss treatment options if termite activity is found.

2) Ants

These persistent little pests are one of the biggest nuisances found in households. There are hundreds of ant species in the United States. They can get into homes through very small cracks or openings and are more likely to venture indoors during seasons like spring and summer when they’re most active.

Often a single ant or just a few will be spotted inside but it’s important to know they leave scented trails called pheromones, which act as an attractant to other ants as they follow along. An infestation can escalate quickly. Some routine steps such as cleaning up any food crumbs and keeping food items stored high up on shelves can help avoid ant infestations. If ants are regularly noticed indoors, a professional pest control company is your best option for long-term protection from ant problems.

3) Bees

Generally, bees are known to be outdoors and not an inside pest but there are risks of bee infestations in homes. They’ve been known to find their way into hollow spaces within walls. Once they travel in via a vent or duct that leads from the exterior to the interior, they start to build their nest and they will quickly multiply. They can build entire hives in hidden spaces and become quite a nuisance.

One sign to look out for is bee activity on the exterior of houses during the warmer hours of the day. You’ll see them traveling into a hole or perhaps an unsealed exterior gap as they travel outdoors to gather pollen and then back into the hive. You are likely to hear a buzzing sound in the wall if bees have taken up residence, especially if you knock lightly on it and then listen with your ear against it. Professional removal is recommended since proper equipment will be needed to safely and responsibly remove bees from a home.

4) Cockroaches

Since cockroaches carry bacteria, and scurry throughout food items and over cooking areas, it can be alarming if you find a cockroach in your kitchen. They can find their way in through several routes and If you find one cockroach, that generally means there are more close by. Cockroaches reproduce quickly often remaining unnoticed until there is a full-blown infestation.

If you are noticing cockroaches or signs of them in your home, it is best to call in a pest control expert. Some signs are dark-colored droppings and empty egg cases and food that shows evidence of being nibbled on. Staying vigilant and taking care of a cockroach problem quickly can help avoid major infestations.

5) Flies

Several species of flies can be found in homes. Fruit flies, drain flies, cluster flies, and house flies are all known to find their way in. While it’s true that sometimes it’s only a random fly that came in from the window or door being open, pests such as cluster flies can live in the walls of houses and emerge during warmer weather.

Cluster flies are slightly larger and move at a noticeably sluggish pace compared to average house flies. They will find a way in through holes in screens and small cracks in weather seals around windows and doors. If you see flies emerging in large numbers around windows and suspect an infestation, professional pest control is recommended to identify and take care of them.

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