3 Hidden Places to Check For Signs of Pests

While some pests are easily spotted, others are experts at hiding and there are some areas particularly vulnerable to infestations. Any spaces that provide pests the chance to remain unseen as they nest are at an increased risk.

Staying aware and taking action to avoid any potential problems is key. Any signs of pests should be followed through with an inspection from a pest control expert. The places pests commonly hide and the types of pests you might find are detailed here.

1) Attics and Garages

The areas between your home and the exterior such as attics and garages, provide ideal environments to attract rodents. Attics and garages are where we often store boxes and there’s low household traffic in these areas. These factors result in a perfect space for mice and rats.

Rodents will often leave signs such as shredded-up papers and even animal hair they gather for nesting. They also leave telltale signs such as droppings wherever they have infested. Mice and rats can wreak havoc once they’re inside since they’re known to not only chew on food items but also chew on wires leading to the potential risk of electrical damage.

2) Walls and Crawl Spaces or Basements

Pests are drawn to areas where they can hide and nest. Wall voids and areas around basements and crawl spaces offer prime environments for a variety of pests. You may hear unusual sounds within the walls if any critters are nesting or hiding out.

It may surprise you to know that bees like to take up residence in walls especially if there is an entry point leading to the exterior through which they can easily travel. If you hear a humming or buzzing sound within the wall you may have a bee colony thriving within. Other signs include seeing bee activity, which can present itself as they travel in and out throughout the day where there’s an exterior gap such as a dryer vent or other exposed exterior void.

Termites can rapidly begin to nest in these hiding places. The direct access to basements that are surrounded by elements such as wood or dirt gives termites all they need to infest walls and crawl spaces. Some signs include seeing their signature mud tunnels along the edges where the exterior meets the foundation. Signs of blistered wood surfaces are also common when termites are present.

3) Under Sinks and Cabinets

Many pests prefer areas that offer moisture and nooks and crannies to hunker down and hide in. Cockroaches and ants are common invaders of the underneath spaces near sinks and around plumbing fixtures. When cockroaches are present you may see subtle signs including their droppings along the edges of cabinets.

Ants are notorious for infesting kitchen spaces around sinks and cabinets as everything they need to thrive is readily available, food and moisture! Ant problems can be a little easier to notice as they will travel to and from their nests during the day whereas roaches are mainly out at night. Regularly checking for leaks, repairing any moisture damage, and keeping these areas clean and dry can help deter pests from making themselves at home.

Professional Pest Control Experts

Bringing in the experts offers your best line of defense when battling pest problems. The professionals at Pest Solutions have the expertise and tools to identify and effectively handle your pest problems using eco-friendly products and effective solutions. A thorough inspection will help determine the extent of the problem and what treatments are recommended to effectively handle it. You can easily schedule an inspection online or call us at (804) 406-9606.