Statistics show that Virginia may have as many as 10-14 termite colonies in a single acre of land – 3 or 4 of which could easily be situated right under or around your home. These termite colonies constantly forage through the soil looking for food sources and they don’t stop at just one!

Their foraging range will spread beyond the initial food source into an are as large as two acres. At this point, it is only a matter of time before the will reach an adjacent home. In fact, the may be there already. While our trained professionals recognize the less obvious signs of termite infestation, there are more obvious signs that all homeowners should be on the lookout for. These distinctive signs you might have an active termite problem.

Warning Signs of Termites

Stray wings: Found near emergence sites such as exterior doors, on windowsills, in cobwebs, and/or at the garage.

Mud Tunnels: lining the side of piers, utility entrances, or the inside or outside of the foundation walls of your house.

Flying/Swarming Termites: inside your house, near windows, doors, or indoor light sources.

Maze-like patterns: in furniture, floor boards or walls of your home.

If you see warning signs of termite, do not wait to call a professional! Termite damage is often irreversible and can cause thousands of dollars in repairs or more. Keep your home, family, and pets safe today. Call the termite control experts and get a FREE in-house inspection.

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