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Pest Management


Statistics show that Virginia may have as many as 10-14 termite colonies in a single acre of land- 3 or 4 of which could easily be situated right under or around your home.

These termite colonies constantly forage through the soil looking for food sources, and they don’t stop at just one!

Their foraging range will spread beyond the initial food source (your neighbor’s house) into an area as large as two acres. At this point, it is only a matter of time before they will reach an adjacent home. In fact, they may be there already!

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Six of the most aggressive mosquitoes thrive in our area…THEY COULD BE BREEDING IN YOUR YARD RIGHT NOW!

We will focus on areas where standing water is common and cannot be easily drained (such as plant pots, under gutters and splash guards, low grades and ditches) that may be identified as high potential mosquito breeding sites. In areas of standing water that cannot be treated with mister application, (such as birdbaths, drainage ditches, fish ponds, general standing water, etc) A larvicide insect growth regulator product will be installed to reduce larval populations.

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