Pest Control Southside Richmond VA

Southside is one of Richmond’s favorite suburban areas. From the Stony Point Fashion Park to the Bellwood Flea Market and the weekend South of the James farmer’s market in Forest Hill Park, there’s always something happening.

One thing you don’t want to worry about when you get home is pest control. You may not notice when something has move into your home. But over time, signs of pests become obvious. They’re very careful about not being seen, but when you start seeing the signs of bugs, or see them walking around in the open, your Southside home is now theirs. We know that one you discover their presence, you want them gone – immediately.


Pest Solutions is your local full-service locally-owned pest control company that uses environmentally-friendly solutions to keep pests out of your home. With over 30 years’ experience, we’ve developed best practices that involve safer methods of pest control including:

  • Treatment for and removal of insects and rodents
  • Wasp and bee removal and prevention
  • Exterior treatments to keep pests from moving into your home
  • Avoiding pesticides use in the home to keep you and your family from exposure
  • Trimming of trees and shrubbery
  • Attic insulation
  • Crawlspace cleaning, treatment and encapsulation
  • Gutter cleaning and installation of our Leaf Defier system

Although we specialize in termites and mosquitoes, particularly in the summer, we can also help you if you have problems with:

  • Ants
  • Roaches
  • Rodents
  • Spiders
  • Stingers
  • Ticks


These hungry, stealthy little pests are happy to have dinner at your home. They quietly move in and begin feasting on the wood structures of your home. From the deck and fencing to the framing and roof trusses, termite colonies increase quickly and invisibly once they’ve found a verified food source. By the time you notice there is a problem, the structural damage is already done, and you’ll be faced with costly repairs.

Pest Solutions is ready to keep termites away from and out of your home with both baiting and liquid solutions that will protect your home from their damaging eating.

Are you building a new home, or renovating your current one? Have you already found termite damage? one of our options is Bora-Care, a termiticide that’s sprayed directly onto wood instead of pumped into the ground, forming a preventative barrier that termites can’t get through. Spraying directly onto weed, concrete, subfloors and other areas where termites invade, preventing infestation from occurring. Bora-Care can prevent termites and all wood destroying organisms from getting to your wood or getting back into your home.


They’re irritating. They bite. They spread diseases. They won’t leave you alone. And they can ruin your summer fun by flying around everywhere when you’re outside enjoying the day.

Mosquitoes are one of the main reasons you might not want to go outside this summer. Their bites itch, and can become infected. With the potential for spreading malaria, yellow fever, West Nile, and other diseases to humans and animals, spray-on repellants and other methods may not be enough.

If you’d like to enjoy the outdoors this summer without annoying outdoor pests like mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks, Pest Solutions offers a monthly treatment during mosquito season that can help keep your family safer from mosquitoes all summer long.


Is your Midlothian home pest friendly? Our pest control professionals are ready to take care of your most annoying pest problems. We’re locally owned and operated, with over 30 years of pest control experience in Midlothian and Virginia. Our 100% guarantee means you’ll be happy with all of our services. Call our North Richmond office at 804-213-2235, or use our online contact form to send us a note. Our free pest evaluation will show you all of the ways we can help you eliminate pests, eradicate their entry points, and make your home a very pest-unfriendly place.

Mice, they don’t look threatening!

mouse close up

They may look adorable, but mice can be as threatening to your home as any other pest. Once they establish a nest, mice will multiply until they quickly overwhelm you.

Pest Control in Southside, Richmond VA

cleaning under cabinets

Having a pest control company in your home can be overwhelming. Want to solve the problem yourself? No problem! Pest Solutions VA offers DIY pest control kits fro any pest that may invade your home.

Watch out for fire ants in Southside Richmond VA

fire ants on leaf

Fire ants are extremely destructive creatures that spread slowly through natural dispersal. Their sting releases a venom that causes extreme pain and burning, coupled with blisters that can last up to a week.

Termites in Southside Richmond VA

termites gathering

Termites have successfully colonized every continent in the world except Antarctica. Their colonies can contain anywhere from a few hundred to seven million insects.



I have ants in my kitchen, what do I do?

You can spray some ant killer and set out a few traps but we have found that while it might make life easier for a couple days, it doesn’t solve the problem. The ants are coming for the food. I recommend hiring a professional extermination company who will not only spray in the most common areas but will also look for the entry point and seal them up, if possible.

I found a wasp nest, how can I get rid of it?

Wasps can be dangerous and will swarm and attack if provoked. Without the proper equipment and proper clothing gear, you risk injury or even death if this happens. The best course of action is to approach the nest at night when the wasps are less active, spray with an industry approved pesticide and most importantly plan your escape route so you have somewhere you can quickly take cover after targeting the nest.

How can I keep the mice and rodents out of my house and garage?

Mouse problems in Midlothian are prevalent in the late fall / early winter season. Usually, they come looking for warmth and shelter. They can spread disease and also destroy portions of your home. The best remedy is to make sure there are no holes openings in your foundation or walls. Additionally, be sure that any food is stored in sealed containers. You can also employ my favorite method of getting rid of mice: get a cat!

My backyard is inundated with mosquitoes. Help!

Standing water is the biggest cause of a mosquito problem, especially in Virginia. Even the smallest puddle can harbor hundreds of mosquito larva. Plant pots, downspouts, debris like tires, and shallow holes in the ground are perfect places for mosquitoes to grow. Start out by looking for any place that could potentially collect water. Another option is to have your backyard professionally sprayed.