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Mosquitoes–summertime’s biggest nuisance

While all insects can be a nuisance to you and your family, mosquitoes can be down right detrimental.

They bite–drawing blood–which causes welts and itching that can be quite uncomfortable. But their bites can also cause allergic reactions and even spread serious diseases that can be very harmful to humans. Diseases such as West Nile and Zika Viruses, Dengue Fever and Encephalitis can be transmitted by mosquitoes.

They can also infect our pets with serious diseases as well.

Treating for mosquitoes

Product Application: Service will include treatment of all vegetation including trees, bushes and shrubbery from ground level to a height of 10 feet with a residual product and a growth inhibitor using a mister.

Using that application method we will treat the nearest perimeter areas to the edge of the property or up to a distance agreed upon with homeowner from the structure.

Identify and treat other common areas where mosquitoes typically rest including under decks, near drainage spouts and other shady moist areas.

This is an ongoing treatment performed on a monthly basis during mosquitoes season. (Typically April thru October but please be aware that these months could vary depending on weather conditions.)

Addressing Breeding Sites: We will focus on areas where standing water is common and cannot be easily drained (such as plant pots, under gutters and splash guards, low grades and ditches) that may be identified as high potential mosquitoes breeding sites.
In areas of standing water that cannot be treated with mister application, (such as birdbaths, drainage ditches, fishponds, general standing water, etc.) a larvicide insect growth regulator product will be installed to reduce larval populations.

Educate homeowners: Provide homeowners educational materials on measures to be taken to reduce mosquitoes breeding sites around the structure (such as pet bowls, wading pools, litter, etc.)

Six of the most aggressive mosquitoes thrive in our area…call Pest Solutions and stop these little pests from ruining your summer!